Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios officially opened on June 30, 2018! We were able to go when we were at Disney over Fourth of July weekend. We were so excited to go so close to opening that we decided not to read any posts or look at any photos of this new land so that it would be brand new. Of course with the internet and every news outlet heading over to Toy Story Land it was hard to avoid, but we think we did a pretty good job!

We were able to get a Fastpass for Slinky Dog Dash. We decided to skip the Alien Swirling Saucers because we don’t love spinning rides. The Slinky Dog Dash was definitely worth it, though! We were expecting a Barnstormer-type kiddie coaster, but this was a lot more fun and a longer roller coaster. It’s still great for kids, but it’s not what we would call a kiddie coaster. There were a lot of fun surprises throughout! You also get a pretty great view of the progress they are making on Star Wars Land.

Toy Story Mania has always been a popular ride here at Hollywood Studios (sometimes we are amazed at how long people wait in line to go on this). We love the way they re-did the entrance to fit into Toy Story Land. The Alien Swirling Saucers ride looked like a lot of fun, but we will just watch this one from the side! There is also Woody’s Lunch Box, which is a quick service spot. While the area is very cute, we opted to eat somewhere else because it was hot out and there is only outside seating. Also, there wasn’t much on the menu that we were interested in. We would have preferred more of a bigger restaurant area, as it felt very crowded in the Lunch Box area. You can use mobile order here, though, which is a great feature.

The only thing we were disappointed in is that there is not a store in this area! There are kiosks throughout that have some merchandise. They did convert one of the other stores in Hollywood Studios to a Pixar themed store with plenty of Toy Story merch, but we would have liked to have a store inside Toy Story Land. That being said, it took a real test of will power to not buy all the merchandise! It’s so cute! Ashley did end up buying a green alien with the claw necklace. So cute!

We really enjoyed walking around and seeing the characters. It was so fun to turn around and see Woody and Jessie walking by, or the Green Army Men marching through. There were also a ton of little details, like Al’s Toy Barn price stickers and Andy’s footprints throughout (you are in Andy’s backyard, after all). While it wasn’t that crowded on the day we went to Toy Story Land, we definitely recommend getting a Fastpass, especially for the Slinky Dog coaster. It got up to about a 90 minute wait while we were there.

Overall, we really enjoyed Toy Story Land and think it is the perfect addition to Hollywood Studios. It really made us feel like kids again. Have you been to Toy Story Land yet? Share your thoughts with us below!

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