Simple Tips for a Business Trip

These travel tips can be applied to any trip, but I find them absolutely essential when traveling for work. Time is of the essence and there is little or no room for error. Certain delays and changes are out of our control, so it is imperative that everything you can control is in perfect order. After all, your livelihood may depend on it! Here are some simple tips for a business trip to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

Tips for a Business Trip:

Streamline your toiletry and/or makeup bags. The best place to start is with make up and toiletries. To be most efficient, during one typical day write down everything you use from the time you up to when you go sleep. Eliminate items that are typically in your hotel room. You can double check the hotel’s website to be sure what they have to offer in your room. Next, eliminate anything that you can get by without for a limited amount of time (deep conditioners, exfoliators, masks, etc.). Then really take a good look at your list and see what you can economize (you probably don’t need day & night moisturizer, you can easily get by with one eyeliner & one shadow palette). This is the time to be cut throat and only bring what you really need to use.

Stay Healthy. I never leave home for a trip without ample hand sanitizer. In addition, the past few years I also bring a package of disinfectant wipes to my bag. Just the sound of a cough or sneeze in the distance makes be cringe so I try to get rid of as many germs in my vicinity as possible. I also bring vitamin C and electrolyte packets to add to water to keep up energy.

Meals and Snacks. I always bring as many non-perishable snacks and food items as space allows. I have to be prepared for the fact that most airports, restaurants, etc. will not have anything plant based & oil free for me to eat. I pack Larabars, nuts, air popped popcorn, Mary’s Gone Crackers as much as possible. Prior to hotel arrival, I check ahead to find out if my room has a refrigerator and/or microwave or if they can be requested free of charge.  I also map out the nearest Whole Foods or other healthier grocery stores so I know exactly where I can restock or get a quick, healthy meal at the salad or hot bar. 

Ear Plugs and Sleep Mask. I never leave home without them! I keep a set in my carry on and a set in my suitcase just in case. These are perhaps the 2 biggest travel lifesavers. They are great for the plane, train and sometimes flimsy hotel room walls. A good night’s sleep changes everything especially in a work situation.

Mix & Match Separates for Clothing. Try to pack as many separates that can be utilized in several different ways. I love dresses, but avoid them when traveling. I limit myself to pieces that can be used more than once to create a different look. When traveling for work I usually have to dress up more and look appropriate in many different situations. With so many luggage & weight restrictions, smart packing is more important than ever. I also on bring luggage and bags that I can handle myself including lifting into overhead bins. You never know what can happen and I never depend on someone else being available to assist me.

Have all your logistics covered in advance and at your fingertips. I guess I am still old school and keep the main points of my itinerary on paper and handy in my carry on just in case I don’t have access to my cell phone or laptop for some reason. I also try to research as much as possible public transportation, Uber (*affiliate link) pick-up spots, etc. For me it is key to be prepared beforehand as much as possible in a new place to help keep the stress levels as low as possible. I often times enjoy traveling alone. I prepare and catch up on work or sometimes even just read a novel.  So anything I can do ahead of time to make travel easier and less stressful I do!

For me, some years I have to travel more than others. No matter what, I always have my make bag & toiletry bags fully stocked and ready to go. It saves a lot of time during the packing process. I always carry my make-up bag & snacks on board even if I am checking luggage. That way no matter what happens, I always have something healthy to eat. I can also always look fresh coming off the plane when headed to my first meeting.

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