Review: Disney’s Saratoga Springs

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa is a Disney Vacation Club resorted located right next to Disney Springs. It is inspired by the real Saratoga Springs in New York, which is known for horse racing. There are plenty of nods to horse racing, including periodically playing the horse call to race outside of the lobby. This hotel used to be one of our least favorite to stay at, but it has actually become one of our favorites now since Disney Springs has been redone. This is considered a deluxe villa resort, and it has two feature pools, one sit down restaurant, three quick service options, and plenty of golfing. There is also a Senses Spa and great fitness center here. Last time we stayed here they were offering free yoga classes on certain days, which we hope they continue doing! There is also the option to stay in one of the Treehouse Villas, which we have never done but have heard great things about.

Review: Disney's Saratoga Springs

If you want to have a nice sit down meal, Turf Club Bar & Grill is a nice option. We have eaten here a few times when we are staying here. They usually have a great vegetarian option. Our last time we ate here, it was a delicious cauliflower “steak” dish.

Also located in the lobby is The Artist’s Palette, which is where you can get your quick service meals, snacks, coffee, drinks, and souvenirs. This is a great spot to hit on the way to the parks, but it is usually pretty busy around meal times. The Paddock Grill was added a few years ago at the other feature pool where you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner without having to go all the way to the main lobby. We love the Roasted Vegetable Sandwich! The main feature pool by the lobby also has an outdoor bar.

Disney's Saratoga Springs

Now, the main reason we love staying here is that you can walk to Disney Springs. While we still prefer staying over near EPCOT, we love all the new things at Disney Springs, and when we stay at Saratoga Springs we spend a lot of time going there. It’s great to take an early morning walk and grab a Starbucks and enjoy the shops before the crowds come. There are also so many great bars and restaurants to enjoy and plenty of live music and entertainment at night. Before we used to prefer to stay near the lobby, but now we actually prefer to stay in the buildings that are closer to the Marketplace side of Disney Springs. No matter where your building is located, you can either walk or boat to Disney Springs. If you are really looking to get some exercise, you can actually walk all the way to Old Key West!

Disney's Saratoga Springs


  • Walking paths: This is probably the best feature of the resort (at least in our opinion.) There are plenty of walking paths and trails around the resort, to Disney Springs, to Old Key West, and through the Treehouse Villas.
  • Grandstand Pool: This is a quiet pool that is right across the lake from Disney Springs offering some awesome views, especially at night.
  • Fitness center: This is one of our favorite hotel fitness centers.


  • Far away from everything else: The major downside to staying here is you aren’t near anything else. You’re a bus ride away from all the other parks. We love to park hop and hotel hop, so staying at one of the Epcot resorts is our favorite. Even when you stay at a Magic Kingdom resort you can easily hotel hop and take the monorail to Epcot.
  • Resort is spread out: All the buildings here are very spread out. While we love to walk, we also enjoy staying at a more traditional hotel (like the Boardwalk, for example) where the lobby, dining, and entertainment is all in one area.

Have you stayed at Saratoga Springs? What did you think? What is your favorite Disney resort to stay at? Let us know in the comments!


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Enjoy a stay at Disney's Saratoga Springs, located right next to Disney Springs!


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