Port of Call: Labadee, Haiti

Labadee, Haiti is a lush and tropical paradise that where you can be adventurous or just relax on the beach all day. This is Royal Caribbean's private beach destination located on the northern coast of Haiti. There are so many different activities that you can do during your day here, including zip lining, parasailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and so much more.

We went to Labadee for the first time aboard Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas. We were pretty blown away by how beautiful it was with the lush greenery and gorgeous blue water. Because we wanted to earn our drinks today, we decided to go kayaking in the morning. Our kayaking tour was really interesting because our guide took had us kayak over near the real village of Labadee. He had pretty glowing things to say about Royal Caribbean, which was nice to hear. He said that they provided a school, hospital and electricity to the village. They also employ many people in the village, and because it is so cut off from the rest of Haiti this is very beneficial to those that live there. He also said that Royal Caribbean was one of the first ones there after Hurricane Irma hit to bring supplies. Our guide did state that his village is protected well compared to the rest of Haiti from hurricanes because of the way the bay is, but there of course is still a lot of damage. He also took us to a little beach area so that we could "set on foot on the real Haiti" and not just the part that Royal Caribbean owns. For good measure, there were a few vendors selling their arts and crafts.

After kayaking, we decided to walk around and explore before lunch was served. There is so much to do at this private beach! There is a 500 foot "flight line" that takes you over the water. There is also a coaster ride, water slide, parasailing and also jet skis, paddle boards and an aqua park. Lunch is provided by the ship buffet-style. We definitely suggest keeping your eye on when they start serving, because the lines get long pretty fast. There are two buffet areas.

After walking around and enjoying lunch, we headed for, perhaps, our favorite part of the day: the floating bar. The floating tiki bar is definitely a must-see! The views of the beach and the mountains are beautiful, and you get a great view of the zip liners coming down. The bartenders were super fun and playing music and everyone was just having a good time. It's hard to be in a bad mood while looking at these gorgeous views.

We had a really great time in Labadee. The weather was perfect, the views were spectacular, and we felt like we got the most of our day there. Hopefully we will get the chance to go again, and we would definitely like to try the coaster ride. Because when you are in Labadee, it is like you are on the cruise ship, remember that if you do want to purchase souvenirs from the vendors, you will need to have cash. Also, the attendants and many of the people working here actually live in Labadee, so they appreciate your tips.

Have you been to Labadee? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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Port of Call: Labadee, Haiti

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