Fiorelli Winery & Vineyard in Bradenton, FL

Yes, you read that headline correctly. There is a winery AND vineyard in Bradenton, Florida. We were just as surprised as you are! We actually discovered Fiorelli Winery through Instagram. An account we follow posted a photo from there, and we couldn’t believe this was located in Bradenton and we had never heard of it before!

Wine is bottled poetry. – Robert Louis Stevenson

Fiorelli Winery & Vineyard in Bradenton
The three wines we tried (and bought!)

Of course, we had to go check it out so we booked a tour and tasting (paid for with our own money in case you were wondering). We had pretty low expectations going into this because we couldn’t imagine what a vineyard in the middle of Florida would look like. We ended up having such a wonderful time here. So wonderful, in fact, that we bought three bottles of wine to bring home.

The owner gave us the tour where he showed us where they make the wine and explained the process. Then he gave us a tour of the vineyard. The vineyard is beautiful, but you definitely cannot compare it to vineyards in Italy or France or Napa Valley. For one thing, we don’t have any rolling hills in Florida. But we really enjoyed walking around and learning about the immense process that goes into growing grapes to make wine. The vineyard is 10 acres, so there is a lot to see.

We got a lot of great information about the wine making process, and how there is only one type of grape that will grow in Florida’s climate. Of course we also got to taste three different wines they had. They were very good! The tasting room is small but very cozy. Fiorelli Winery also now has an Airbnb that you can stay at on property, and they have started doing special events like a murder mystery dinner.

Now, Fiorelli Winery & Vineyard is a bit of a drive from downtown Sarasota. It’s about 40 minutes, and it will take you out into the farmlands, which we enjoyed because we don’t really see that area too often. We also made a stop at Hunsader Farms, which is only a few minutes away from the winery.

Fiorelli Winery & Vineyard in Bradenton
Tasting Room

Visit their website for more information!

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3 thoughts on “Fiorelli Winery & Vineyard in Bradenton, FL”

  1. Who’d’a thunk?
    It never crossed my mind that wine grapes of ANY kind would grow that far south!
    But Now I Know. *nod, nod*

    Happy A-Z’ing.

  2. How cool! Who knew there was a vineyard in Florida? I also love that they have an airbnb you can stay at! Florida is full of surprises I think!

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