6 Reasons to Keep Going Back to Disney World Over and Over Again

A question that our family gets asked a lot is why do we go to Disney World so much. The simple answer is that we love it! Our family has been going to Disney World for years and it’s our favorite place to be together as a family. Now that we live in Sarasota we do a lot of weekend trips to Disney and spend most holidays here. Here are 6 reasons why we love going to Disney World over and over again:

Always Something New. There is always something new to see and experience. I have been visiting monthly since I moved to Florida 8 years ago and 4-5 times per year when I lived in Chicago prior that. I still always find something new! Sometimes there is a huge new experience like a new park (Animal Kingdom, 1998), new land (Pandora, 2017 or Toy Story Land, 2018, Star Wars Land, 2019), new ride (Frozen, 2016) or new hotel (Art of Animation, 2012). Often times we get just as excited over something new that is seemingly small. We love to see refurbished hotel rooms. We even went to Beach Club specifically to see the test carpet they laid out in the villa hallway (there were plenty of other people there looking, too!). I love that Disney is always evolving. It keeps us coming back over and over again.

Obscure. You could devote your entire stay at Disney seeking out the obscure. There are endless blogs, books, etc. to give you ideas. After you have gone to all the major attractions you can start hitting the lesser known and obscure things at Disney. This is even more appealing with all the increasing crowds. The least popular attractions are part of every trip we take (Figment at EPCOT, Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom, the Discovery Island trail around the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom or Walt Disney Presents at Hollywood Studios.) We have become fans of all the scavenger hunts at EPCOT because they bring us into every nook & cranny of the World Showcase. The World Showcase is my absolute favorite and even after going these countless times the scavenger hunt always brings something new to my attention like Lion King paintings on the banks of the water by the outpost! Or you could literally spend your entire trip hunting for Hidden Mickeys.

Classes & Tours. For those of you who had enjoyable experiences at the Disney Institute like us, I am sure you are also very happy that classes are popping up more and more around the resorts. We did the Legend of Conch Flats at Old Key West, gardening and wine tasting at EPCOT. Next on our agenda is painting class at Boardwalk! The tours are very well known and we have done many of them. Some are quite pricey, but in the end they are always worth it. The Behind the Seeds tour at EPCOT, the Keys to the Kingdom at Magic Kingdom, Caring for Giants and private Safaris at Animal Kingdom are extraordinary.  Next on our list this summer is the Wild Africa Trek. I feel like we really get a lot out of the tours and classes because we know Disney so well. Sometimes, I feel like tours and classes may not be quite as enriching for newcomers because there is so much to take in already at every corner.

Collections. I am not sure where to start with all the different collection options from Disney. I am not sure it would even be possible to list them all! There are options at every price level. There are many expensive items to collect: Pandora, Alex & Ani, Dooney & Bourke, Arribas Brothers crystal and artwork. Then there are more reasonably priced collections: pins, stuffed animals, pop vinyl, mugs, pressed pennies. Then there are items to collect at no cost: park maps, cast member cards from bus drivers, coasters from bars & restaurants, Sorcerer’s cards from Magic Kingdom. Back in the day, we used to collect the paper fold out maps from all the resorts we stayed at. These days our collections are mostly Tsum Tsums, annual passholder magnets and Magic Bands. 

Run Disney. We did not participate in our first Run Disney until 2011 and I wish we would have started sooner! Our first run was the Food & Wine 5K through Animal Kingdom. The entire weekend was magical from start to finish. The excitement starts at packet pick up and just continues the entire weekend. The opportunity to run through the parks and backstage is priceless. Then to celebrate at the after party and then go to Food & Wine wearing the finisher’s medal all day is the best. We followed up with many other runs throughout the years at EPCOT, Wide World of Sports Complex and Animal Kingdom. The prices have risen quite a bit, but the most difficult part is securing a spot because the runs fill up so quickly. Then reserving a Disney hotel can be a challenge. Even just over these past 8 years, the popularity of Run Disney has skyrocketed. I am so excited about the 5Ks at the resorts. I have done the Boardwalk’s Seaside Sprint and look forward to participating in the Regatta Run at the Beach Club in April.

Disney Magic. My Mom’s best friend said “There are two types of people in the world; people who have the Disney magic and people who don’t”. The Traveling Gals definitely have the Disney magic! A trip to Disney World can pick me up when I am down, elevate any regular day into a celebration and take a celebration way over the top. I love to travel everywhere and see everything. I have been lucky enough to experience so many amazing destinations, but that never diminishes my excitement to return to Disney. Some people get it and some people don’t!

These are just some of the reasons to keep going back to Disney World over and over again. Now share with us why you love Disney!

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