For my first big trip since the whole COVID-19 situation, I went to Savannah, Georgia for a week! This is a really gorgeous, charming southern city with a lot of history. There is plenty to do here, although I think you could accomplish a lot in a long weekend and wouldn’t necessarily need to stay here for a full week. Here are just a few things to do in Savannah.


5+ Things to do in Savannah 

Whenever I go to a new city, I always enjoy taking a trolley tour or some type of tour that takes you all around. This is a good way to get an overview of everything and figure out which areas you’d like to explore more. There are a lot of tour options in Savannah to choose from. I decided to do the Old Town Trolley Tour, which is a hop-on/hop-off tour. 

As this is one of the most haunted cities in the USA, I also recommend doing a ghost tour. Whether or not you are a believer, exploring the city at night was very cool and creepy. I did a trolley tour, but I wish I would have done one of the walking tours as the trolley tour only made two stops and I would have liked to see more places.  

Historic Landmark District 

Savannah’s Historic Landmark District has lots of museums, monuments, historical homes, park squares, shops, restaurants, and maybe a few haunted places. This is a great area to park and wander and explore. Try to see as many of the 22 park squares as you can.  

River Street 

This area is one of the more popular (i.e. touristy) areas, but it’s definitely worth checking out. The cobblestone streets and historic staircases are reason enough to explore this area. There are shops, hotels, restaurants, and historic buildings all along the riverfront. There are also some unique spots like Graveface Museum and Mata Hari Speakeasy. 

City Market  

Another popular area is City Market. I love a good pedestrian only street! There are more shops and restaurants, and also the American Prohibition Museum is located here. This area is family friendly, but may get a little rowdy at night. Highly recommend trying the Peach Sangria. 

Victorian District 

This 50-block neighborhood is considered Savannah’s first suburb. Take a tour or just explore the neighborhood on your own. 

Forsyth Park 

You’ll have to go take a picture by the gorgeous fountain here. It is a beautiful area to walk around. The live oak trees lining the paths make for some incredible photos that are almost haunting in a way.  

These are by no means the only things to do in Savannah! There are more neighborhoods to explore, like the Starland District and Moon River District. You may want to also check out some of the surrounding areas like Wormsloe Historic Site and Tybee Island.  

Overall, this is a very walkable city and I enjoyed just meandering through the different parks and squares.  

Have you been to Savannah? What are your must-dos?