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WEEKEND GETAWAY: Universal Studios Orlando

WEEKEND GETAWAY: Universal Studios Orlando

Weekend Getaway: Universal Studios Orlando

Post by Ashley

I have a confession to make. Every once in a while I make my down I4, past Disney World, to Universal Studios Orlando. I never had any desire to go to Universal Studios until they opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Even the first couple times I went to the park I only went to the Harry Potter section. Finally I went and spent the day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. I had such a great time and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

By: Chad Sparkes

Never mind how amazingly, awesomely, fantastic The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (separate post on this to come later) is and how that revitalized Universal Studios Orlando, the rest of the two parks and City Walk are really worth seeing as well. Universal definitely has the thrill rides. They actually have some really interesting and innovative rides that use technology for a very thrilling experience. I also enjoy walking around both parks as they each have their own interesting theming. Universal Studios has different city-themed areas (New York and San Francisco) while Island of Adventure has different themed islands like Dr. Suess, Marvel, and the Lost Continent.

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