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That Time We Left Work And Flew To Chicago To See The Cubs Parade

Ashley here.

So the Cubs finally did it. They won the World Series after 108 years. Our family lived on the North Side of Chicago for many years, and Harold has been a diehard Chicago Cubs fan for pretty much his whole life. We grew up rooting for the Cubbies, no matter how much they sucked. We loved going to Wrigley Field and hanging out in Wrigleyville. It is just such an exciting area to be. So as you can imagine, this was an extremely exciting year for Cubs fans like us. Especially for Cubs fans like Harold who have been waiting a very long time for this moment.

The Art Institue of Chicago

When the day of the parade was announced, my boyfriend and I very spontaneously decided to buy plane tickets on Thursday morning for a Thursday afternoon flight to O’Hare. We basically raced to the airport and figured we would buy clothes and amenities when we got there. Friday was the parade and rally. There were 5 MILLION people in Chicago for the parade and rally. It is estimated that it was the seventh largest gathering in human history! How crazy!

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