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Port of Call: Nassau, The Bahamas

Port of Call: Nassau, The Bahamas

A popular stop on a Caribbean or Bahamas cruise is Nassau. Nassau is famous for Paradise Island which is home to the Atlantis Resort. Paradise Island is a three mile stretch of land that protects Nassau’s harbor. Nassau is the capital city of The Bahamas, and there are lots of really fun and interesting things to do here even if you are only here for the day.

Ships in port: Nassau, The Bahamas

Nassau was contested by the English, French, and Spanish, so there are lots of different cultural influences around the area. There are several museums that showcase the different parts of Nassau’s history, including historic villages that were settled by liberated slaves in the 1800s. Perhaps the most intriguing part of their history, though, has to do with pirates. Blackbeard himself resided in Nassau and you can learn more about Nassau’s history with pirates at the Pirates of Nassau museum, which is a must-see. There is also Pirate Republic Brewery, which is the only craft brewery in The Bahamas, where you can grab a beer after taking on the pirates.

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