Travel to Pandora: The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom

Pandora: The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Alpha Centauri Expeditions and Animal Kingdom have brought deep space travel to Disney World! Okay, not really, but they did create an amazing new world to explore called Pandora: The World of Avatar. The tagline is “a world beyond belief,” and they are not wrong about this. It really is an incredibly immersive area.

Full disclosure: We have never actually seen the movie Avatar. When Disney announced that they would be doing an Avatar-themed land, we were excited for something new but didn’t really care that it was about Avatar. It took Disney about 10 years to actually build Pandora, but it just opened this past May 2017 and we were lucky to be able to go on the official opening weekend. We were unprepared for how amazing it would actually be.

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