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WEEKEND GETAWAY in New Orleans, Louisiana

Since moving to Florida, I’ve wanted to explore more of the South. When I was thinking of what I wanted to do for my birthday weekend, New Orleans was the first place that came to mind. We have been to New Orleans before, but I was very young and don’t remember it. So, it was basically like going somewhere new. I’ve heard nothing but great things about New Orleans. I’ve heard how dirty and gross it is, but also how amazing it is to see in person. There is so much history here! And Bourbon Street is just too much fun.

We decided to drive from Sarasota to New Orleans. It’s about a 10/11 hour drive depending on traffic and how much you obey the speed limit. For anyone who has driven through the state of Florida, you know how boring it can be. But once we got out of Florida, it was really cool to drive through Alabama and Mississippi as those are two states I’ve never been to before.

The hotel we stayed at was the Hotel St. Pierre. It is right in the French Quarter, but a few blocks removed from all of the craziness. After reading some reviews, I decided on this hotel because I read that it was old and charming and right near everything but not in the middle of everything. I think it would have been very loud to stay at a hotel that is right on Bourbon or Royal Street.

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