A Scary Good Time at Halloween Horror Nights - The Traveling Gals

A Scary Good Time at Halloween Horror Nights

A Scary Good Time at Halloween Horror Nights - The Traveling Gals

Halloween brings out all the ghouls, goblins, horrors, and hauntings. None do it quite as well as Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Studios Orlando. Considered one of the top Halloween events in the world, this event transforms the park into a seriously scary place with haunted houses, scare zones, and shows. This year being the event’s 25th anniversary, they did it up big which meant a scary good time for everyone attending.

Because we have premier passes to Universal Studios Orlando, one of the great perks is one admission into HHN on select days. We decided to go on a Sunday so that we could arrive to the park early and not have to wait in the long entrance lines when the event opens.

This year’s main attractions: (the one’s in bold we went through and will put our review after the description)

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Canoe Florida Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage in…Florida?!

Fall Foliage in Florida?!

We are starting to feel cooler breezes reminiscent of fall. Of course, this is Florida so that means a drop in humidity…not temperature!  Obviously Florida is not the first place that comes to mind when you think Fall Foliage.  When living in Chicago, Fall Foliage meant a weekend trip to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to see the beautiful leaves turning colors and hiking around the lake for the final time before winter.  Living in Florida, the colors are subdued but there is foliage nonetheless changing into muted hues of yellow, orange and red.  Fall colors can be seen on such trees as Cypress, Red Maple and Sorrel trees among others.  Since the evenings do not cool off until well into October/November, the leaves tend to change colors here sporadically and not until long after northern leaf changes have peaked.

Torreya State Park Fall Foliage

Torreya State Park – from floridastateparks.org

The Traveling Gals Tip:  Try something new and view foliage while canoeing!                                    

The panhandle and northern Florida are the best for viewing in places like Torreya State Park. This is a wonderful place for hiking, fishing, etc. and you can even spend the night camping or rent a yurt!  The stretch along I-75 north of Tampa is surprising hilly and can display a multitude of color, at least by Florida’s measures.  The I-10 corridor through the panhandle can some deeper hued color changes especially in the most northernmost part of the state.  Although Florida is not a conventional choice for Fall Foliage, it is a wonderful time of year in the Sunshine State to get out and experience nature.  If that is not enough for you…you can always travel!!!

Canoe Florida Fall Foliage

photo via Flickr user LOLren

Where are your favorite places to see Fall Foliage? Let us know in the comments!

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Top 3 Must-Do’s in Sarasota, FL

We moved from Chicago to Sarasota about 6 years ago. Although we love the big city, we hate cold weather and were looking for a change of scenery. While Sarasota may not be on your radar when you think of Florida, this small city has a lot to offer! If you are planning a trip to this coast of Florida, you definitely should make a stop here. Check out our top 3 things you should in Sarasota.

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