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Sunset Sundowners

Sundowners are a beloved South African tradition.  They are a daily happy hour right at sunset as a celebration of another day spent in paradise.  Africa prides itself on rugged beauty and sunsets that astound and there is always something to toast to when you are in South Africa.   Sundowners are a must for any traveler and should be enjoyed in the company of friendly locals surrounded by the natural beauty. 

South Africa


Although the sundowners tradition is South African, the ritual of happy hour at sunset is celebrated throughout the world.  In southwest Florida, sunset sundowners are enjoyed each night on beaches up and down the coast line by visitors and residents alike.  It is a spectacular sight and a relaxing way to end your day.  It is also a great time to share a toast with friends and family.

Sunset Sundowners
Cartagena, Colombia

In Australia at Bondi Beach, surfers take their last chance to ride the waves and end the day while watching the waters plunge into darkness, sipping a cocktail on the beach.  In Phnom Penh, Cambodia sunsets on the Mekong River are enjoyed on boat cruises toasting to fascinating experiences in a resilient and fascinating country.  While visiting Venice, Italy, the traditional way to celebrate sunset is savoring prosecco on a romantic gondola ride.  In Cartagena, Colombia, the sunset is best enjoyed with friends and a coco loco (coconut cocktail) on a rooftop bar.

Sunset Sundowners
Venice, Italy

Wherever you are, take the time to enjoy this lovely sundowner tradition!

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Sunset Sundowners

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