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We thought we would share with our awesome readers some of our favorite products. These are products that we actually use and recommend to friends and family. These products are good for travel, living a healthy lifestyle, or just simply things that we love to use! Some of these links are affiliate links, so we might receive some type of compensation if you make a purchase. This is just so we can keep the blog up-and-running and looking beautiful. Thank you!

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Primal Pit Paste: This is all-natural, aluminum free deodorant THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. We were super skeptical at first, but now we will not use anything else. There is an adjustment period while your skin gets used to product, but after that you will absolutely love it. If you are really sensitive to baking soda, they have a baking soda free deodorant as well. They have a whole range of all-natural products that you can also check out on their website.

The RooSport Magnetic, Attachable Running Pocket: We discovered this at a race expo at Disney World before a 5K run we did there. We love this product because it’s great for using while running/walking, but also great for traveling. You can keep money, credit cards, keys, phone, etc. safe and out of the way in the pocket that attaches to your belt. We all have a Roo Sport (even Harold!) that we use all the time. (Also not an affiliate link, FYI!)

Activeon CX Action Camera: We purchased this action camera to take better pictures and so we aren’t constantly on our phone while on a trip! This camera is affordable and takes good pictures and videos. It does not have all the features of some of the other pricier action cameras, but as the most adventurous thing we do is paddle boarding this works perfectly. We purchased from Walmart.

Dollar Shave Club: So while this program is mostly marketed to men, we tried their razors and loved them. We also love how cheap they are! You can do a monthly subscription, or we like doing every other month. You can also turn the subscription off for a while if you get too stocked up on razors. We suggest trying The 4X. Use this link to sign up! 

Siteground: This is the hosting company we use for this blog. We used to use another hosting service that so many bloggers recommended, but we were pretty unimpressed with it. After doing some research Siteground and haven’t looked back. We have had a great experience with them, and they provide great customer service and are reasonably priced.

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