During our trip to New Orleans, we stayed at the Hotel St. Pierre, which is located right in the French Quarter. Because this was my first time in NOLA, I wanted to stay within walking distance of all the action. (Okay, technically this was not my first time in New Orleans, but I was very young and don’t remember that trip!) The Hotel St. Pierre is located two blocks from Bourbon Street and five blocks from Jackson Square. The location is great because it is near everything but not right in the middle of everything.

Review: Hotel St. Pierre in New Orleans

The hotel is located in three converted cottages. The room we stayed in was street facing, right across from the main lobby. There are also rooms that face the courtyard. We took the street facing room because it was ready when we arrived and we didn’t want to wait. The door opened right onto the street, which made it super easy to get the day started each morning. However, it was loud at night facing the street, so if you need a quieter room it might be worth waiting for a courtyard facing room. There were loud groups of (drunk) people walking around at night and loud cars. I would imagine it was even louder if your hotel was right on Bourbon Street.

There is also a lot of history at the Hotel St. Pierre. It opened in 1969 as a hotel, but it has also been an apothecary and jazz museum. Today it has 79 guest rooms, two pools, and courtyard areas.

The rooms are old, but that added to the charm. We found the room to be cozy and had everything we needed, but the amenities are pretty minimal. This didn’t really matter to us because we weren’t in the room very much. The hotel offers complimentary continental breakfast, and they also have milk and cookies out in the afternoon. There is a pool and courtyard area, but we did not utilize it as the weather was a little chilly during our stay. The pool area and seating area is not big. The staff was very nice and friendly, as well.

Review: Hotel St. Pierre in New Orleans

The only real issue I had with our stay here was the parking situation. They charge a lot to park, and since we are not familiar with the area we didn’t feel comfortable leaving our car anywhere else. Our car was not put in a secure location for how much money they charge. If anyone has any recommendations for where to park your car in the French Quarter, please leave a comment below!

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Other than that, we really enjoyed our stay here. If you are looking for a charming, historical inn to stay at that’s right near all the action but not in the middle of it, I would definitely recommend the Hotel St. Pierre!┬áIf you are looking for a fancier hotel with a lot of amenities, this is probably not the one for you.

We used Hotels.com to book our stay at the Hotel St. Pierre. You can check out their current rates here.

Have you been to New Orleans? Where do you recommend staying?

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