Real Food for Healthy People by Carol D’Anca

One of our passions is healthy eating and we are lucky enough to have a close family friend who has written two great books on the importance of why we need to eat healthy. Carol D’Anca has found her passion in healthy eatingĀ and encouraging others to take the steps to plant-based nutrition. She has two advanced degrees in nutrition and has spent the past two decades helping others regain their health. Carol hosts an excellent cooking class called “The Academy” where she provides tips and hands-on cooking classes to show that eating plant-based can be fun and delicious. We have personally attended a few of her classes and they are wonderful! Carol also hosts small group trips to Italy that focus on the “Mediterranean Way of Life.”

Ravello, Italy

Ravello, Italy

Her newest book has just been released and we are so excited to be able to promote it on our blog! Real Food for Healthy People contains plant-based recipes that are also gluten, dairy, and sugar free. This book is also a resource for organizing your kitchen and easy-to-learn culinary tips. While Real Food for Healthy People is like a cookbook, it is so much more than that. It is meant to be a guide for living a healthy life.


Roasted Chickpeas with Grilled Vegetables

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