Norway is known for its world famous fjords, majestic mountains and spectacular glaciers.  Norway encompasses a beauty so stunning it almost does not feel real.  The other two gals and I were lucky to visit Norway as part of a trip to Northern Europe.  We visited Bergen, Alesund and Geiranger.  Cruising the fjords to Geiranger felt like I was part of a movie.  The scenery was unbelievable.  When we arrived at the bottom of Geiranger fjord we embarked on the most memorable hike of our lives so far. The climb to the top was steep and physically demanding, but entirely worth it.  You could drink the crisp, cool glacial water streaming the waterfalls.  The view from top evoked a feeling that our small group was the only people in the world.  It was July so it was misty, but warm enough to wear pants and a light jacket.  The hike down was the most treacherous part as the mist created a slide of mud and foliage.  It was thrilling, exhilarating and unforgettable.

Geiranger, Norway Waterfall

Waterfall on Geiranger Fjord

TTG Tip: Bring appropriate clothes if you are going to hike up a fjord. The youngest had to throw away her shoes and pants after hiking up Geiranger Fjord! So worth it though!

Our next stop was Alesund and even thought it was after 11 p.m. it was bright as can be outside.  It is a very interesting sensation when the sun ever fully sets.  Alesund is the gateway to the fjords and appropriately named the “adventure capital”.  After taking the 418 step walk to the top of Mount Aksla the next morning, we were not only rewarded with a picture perfect view but a huge troll!

Alesund, Norway

Kary and the troll in Alesund, Norway

The last stop in Norway was Bergen where we spent time at the Fish Market.  I love visiting markets when I am traveling.  It is like an education in local culture.  We also went into local shops and grocery co-ops while walking through streets lined with vibrantly colored wooden houses.  We sailed out of Norway on the North Sea and saw all the oil rigs.  They were fascinating to see working oil rigs first hand.

Alesund, Norway

Queen Mary 2 docked in Alesund, Norway

After visiting Norway, I am so impressed with the authenticity of the Norway pavilion in EPCOT.  The details and atmosphere are spot on with our experience.  It was sad for us to see Maelstrom close because it was such a true representation of everything we saw in Norway.  Several times in the country of Norway, much to other people in our traveling group’s dismay, we kept saying…wow this is just like EPCOT!

Norway pavilion at EPCOT

Norway pavilion in EPCOT

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While they do not have a booth for the Food and Wine Festival, there is a great restaurant and bakery at the pavilion. The restaurant, Akershus, has character dining with the Disney Princesses for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We enjoy this restaurant very much, but make your reservations far in advance! The bakery, Kringla, serves sandwiches, pastries, and specialty treats.

Have you traveled to Norway before? Where did you go? Let us know in the comments!

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Norway: Land of the Midnight Sun ...

More photos from our trip:

Alesund, Norway

Alesund, Norway

Geiranger, Norway

Grass roof house in Geiranger, Norway

Geiranger, Norway

Queen Mary 2 anchored in Geiranger, Norway