New Year's Russia

Happy New Year from The Traveling Gals!

Celebrate this year with a new tradition from around the world!

Austria – Austrian revelers burn mortars which is believed to ward off all the evil spirits and negative energies of the past, and ensure everything pleasant and positive for the coming time of the New Year.

Denmark – Danish New Year’s celebrations are raucous.  It is their tradition to save up old dishes and plates all year in order to hurl them at the doors of family and friends. The shattered glassware left littering a person’s front door represents how beloved they are, depending on how many well-wishers turned out to destroy plates in the name of friendship.

New Year's in Ecuador


Ecuador – Ecuadorians start the New Year literally on fire.  Each New Year’s Eve, life-sized or miniature models of public figures, celebrities or fictional characters that are believed to be “sinners” are set on fire at midnight. This is meant to banish the evil of the previous year and clear the air for the New Year.

Peru – Peruvians predict the next year’s fortunes by taking three potatoes (one peeled, one half peeled and one unpeeled) and place them under a chair. At midnight, one potato is chosen at random, which forecasts the state of next year’s finances, with the peeled potato signifying no money, half-peeled a regular year and unpeeled a great financial bounty in the year ahead.

Philippines – Filipinos open all doors and windows in their homes on New Year’s Eve to allow negative energy to leave and good energy to enter.

Puerto Rico – Puerto Ricans throw a cup or bucket of water out of the window on New Year’s Eve to drive away evil spirits.

New Year's Russia


Russia – Russians write a wish for the upcoming year on a piece of paper.  They then burn the paper and place the ashes in a glass of champagne, which needs to be consumed right before the New Year is rung in for the wish to come true.

Spain – Spaniards eat 12 grapes just before the stroke of midnight to bring good fortune for the upcoming year.

However you decide to celebrate, The Traveling Gals wishes you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

What are your New Year traditions? Let us know in the comments!

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