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Dining Etiquette from Around the World

Some of the biggest cultural faux-pas’ are made at the dinner table. Different cultures have different etiquettes and this handy infographic gives you the tips to make sure you are a gracious guest! Thank you to The Dunloe for providing us with this great guide!

Dining Etiquette from Around the World

Again, thank you to The Dunloe for this infographic!

Have you ever accidentally done something that was considered rude while traveling? Let us know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “[Infographic] Dining Etiquette from Around the World

  1. Saudi Arabia was difficult for me, since I’m left handed :/ I japan drinking soup from a bowl and not the spoon in public was different, but a lot of places do have spoons if you really need one.

  2. I have mostly been fortunate to stay with locals whenever I went abroad (especially outside of Europe), who taught the basic local manners. I think it’s definitely important to have more information like this out there to help people to fit in well.

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