How To Decide Your Next Exciting Travel Destination!

Traveling the world is full of endless possibilities.  It is exciting to think you can go anywhere in the world.  The hard part is deciding where to go!  Planning your next trip requires many different considerations and options.  The following are some strategies to help you select your next journey.

How to Decide your Next Travel Destination

WHO will be traveling?  The choice of who to travel with is significant. Planning a trip with your family is different than planning an adults only or couples trip.

WHAT is your budget?  Spend some time carefully considering your bottom line budget for this trip (including dining, shopping and extraneous spending money).  This is a very important step.  It allows you to be realistic in choosing a destination and experience that is attainable.

WHEN are you able to get away?  The time of year is very important.  The weather is such a vital component in a successful trip.  Some destinations are accessible only during certain times of the year.    The southern hemisphere seasons are reversed from the northern hemisphere.  The cost is different depending on time of year, also.  The time you are available can open up possibilities you did not think were possible or preclude you from you thought were easily attainable.

WHERE should you go?  Write down your wish list of destinations.   Then narrow it down by what you are in the mood for; beach or ski, local or international, city or country.

WHY are you getting away?  Give some thought as to the meaning of this trip.  The purpose may be strictly relaxation, adventure, education, experiencing a new culture.  Your motive and passion is perhaps the most important decision.

HOW will you trek?  This is another decision that helps narrow your field of choices.  You need to choose a land trip, train trip, cruise, fly or drive.  Trains, planes, boats or automobiles!

By taking the time to really contemplate these questions, you will be much closer to making the most out of your vacation.  They are reliant on each other and work together to help you pick the best destination and most meaningful experience.   Bon Voyage!  Buen Viaje!  Viaggio Sicuro!

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