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Halloween Horror Nights 2016 – Universal Orlando

Ashley here. I went to HHN for the third year in a row this year. I wasn’t entirely sure if I’d be able to make it there this year, but I am so glad I did! Halloween Horror Nights 2016 finally brought to life the American Horror Story series. This has been the most requested haunted house since the show started, and it did not disappoint. It brought us through the Murder House, Freak Show, and Hotel. All of the favorite characters made appearances and they recreated scenes from different episodes. It was great. I just wanted to give a quick recap and share some pictures we took. There are still a few more weekends left to attend if you still want to!

Halloween Horror Nights 2016

Haunted Houses

American Horror Story: Probably my favorite house. I liked the Freak Show area the best, I felt like I walked into the show.

The Exorcist: This house didn’t have much theatrics, but it didn’t really need it because the story itself is just so creepy!

Halloween II: Hell Comes to Haddonfield: Anything Halloween (the movie) related is a can’t-miss. Just hearing that music brings the goosebumps!

Krampus: So I wish I would have seen the movie before going through this one, but I enjoyed it and definitely want to see the movie now.

Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightning Gulch: I went through this one because the line was short and this one was actually a lot of fun.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Walking Dead

Lunatics Playground 3D

American Horror Story @ Halloween Horror Nights 2016

Scare Zones

I thoroughly enjoyed all the Scare Zones. The “scareactors” were much more interactive and seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Of course lots of screams, chainsaws, and running ensued.

Survive or Die Apocalypse

Lair of the Banshee

Vamp ‘55

A Chance in Hell

Vamp '55 scare zone @ Halloween Horror Nights 2016


Academy of Villains: House of Fear Show: I kind of accidentally stumbled on this show, and it was very entertaining. The music, dancing, and effects were awesome! And it was not very long so it was a nice pause in between Scare Zones and Houses.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure

Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida

There were also quite a few rides open and Diagon Alley was open as well. Diagon Alley wasn’t crowded and it was a nice place to walk around. It did look creepy at night! My one complaint is the same every year: line jumpers. I don’t get it. No one wants to wait in line, but apparently some people think they are special and can just cut everyone. Universal did seem to do a better job structuring the queues so it wasn’t as easy to jump the line, but I still saw a lot of it. Very annoying. Also there were two girls in The Exorcist Haunted House who were taking selfies throughout the entire house. Like seriously?! You couldn’t put your phone down for the 3 minutes that it takes to walk through.

Anyways, it was a great night and I can’t wait to see what they do next year. Oh, and Happy Halloween!

Have you been to Halloween Horror Nights? What was your favorite House? Let us know in the comments!

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#HHN26: Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Universal Orlando Recap

8 thoughts on “#HHN26: Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Recap at Universal Orlando

  1. I’ve never done HHN – way too much of a scaredy-cat, I’d probably end up in Diagon Alley trying to cast a patronus to keep the scary stuff away! 😉 I think it’s awesome that they’ve been incorporating shows like AHS and Waking Dead lately, though – brings their whole theme of becoming a part of the show to life! (Or death?)

    Just followed your Instagram from my CrystalLovesOrlando account, BTW!

    1. It was fun! Next year we definitely will get the express pass though because the lines are just too long. There’s no way you can do everything!

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