Food and Wine Fest

Savor the 2015 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival with only $25!!!!!

We are always trying to think of ways to save money for travel without skimping on the things we love. Kary decided to challenge herself and buy a $25 festival gift card and spend only that amount this Friday evening at the Food and Wine Festival.   While the tastings at each booth around the World Showcase are reasonable, they can add up quickly! It is always a challenge to pick the healthiest fare and spend the least amount of money.

$3.50     Festival Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles at Chew Lab

  • I wanted to try something at this new booth and the cabernet sauvignon is one of two wines created especially for the 20th anniversary of Food and Wine. At tastings over the last few years I have switched to mainly reds because there are so many to try! This one was very nice and not as heavy as some cabs. Paso Robles, California is defined mainly by cabernet varietals. The climate and growing conditions echo those of Bordeaux, France. Their cabernets are award winning and great addition to the Festival.

Greece booth

Greece booth at EPCOT

$3.25     Greek Salad in a Cone, Greece

  • I am a pushover for Greek Salad.   I usually prefer to make it myself, but this salad was so cute in the cone and I cannot pass up feta cheese. The vegetarian moussaka looked great, but I wanted something light.

$4.25     Nobilo Icon Pinot Noir, New Zealand

  • The grapes for this wine are from the Southern Wairau Valleys where the days are hot and nights are cool. The heat helps the grapes ripen and the cold keeps intensity of flavor.   Pinot Noir is my new obsession and this was a very good one. The berry aroma was very nice and the finish was smooth.

$4.75     Vegan Korean Barbeque, South Korea

  • I could not pass up the only vegan option this year. The barbeque is paired with steamed rice and cucumber kimchi. I love barbeque and have not had it in a long time. This was great! It was filling and full of flavor.

Patagonia Booth

$3.50     Kaiken Torrontes, Patagonia

  • Torrontes is a variety of several different white wine grapes grown in Argentina. These grapes are grown on the edge of the Andes in some of the highest altitude vineyards in the world. The name Kaiken comes from “kaikenes” which are wild geese native to Patagonia that fly across the Andes between Chile and Argentina. I am glad I was able to taste this wine.   It is a little too fruity for my taste, but paired nicely with the Greek Salad.

$4.75     Grilled Sweet and Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp, Australia

  • I posted my own recipe based on this dish, so I had to try the original! It is served with pineapple, onion, peppers and snap peas.   The Australia booth always has great shrimp dishes each year and this is a very welcome variation!

TOTAL = $24.00

I even had $1 to spare! The Fest offers so much that it requires several days to really try everything and that doesn’t even include the special events. The Fest is a great place to limit spending and still enjoy all it has to offer.   I can always eat more (haha!), but I felt sated and happy heading over to the Eat to the Beat concert at the American Gardens Pavilion. Of course, sharing with a friend is always an option too!

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Food and Wine Festival $25 Challenge