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5 Easter Celebrations Around the World

Easter celebration in Seville, Spain - The Traveling Gals

Seville, Spain

Semana Santa is Holy Week in Spain.  Seville hosts the most remarkable processions of extravagant floats and masked Nazarenos.  Candelit floats illustrate the Easter story followed by the Nazarenos who are the penitents showing their sorrow and regret for their wrongs.   Semana Santa also marks the beginning of spring so the celebrations expand throughout the city to restaurants and bars.

 Easter celebration in Italy - The Traveling Gals

Prizzi, Italy

Just south of Palermo, The devil “Abbullu de Daivuli” is represented by locals running around with red robes and scary masks.  They run around on Easter Sunday to trap as many souls as possible by getting them to buy drinks until the afternoon when the Christ is resurrected and the devils are defeated.

 Easter celebration in The Philippines - The Traveling Gals

The Philippines

Salubong is the opening ritual on Easter Sunday when statues of the Risen Christ and the Sorrowful Mother are marched to the front of the church with the entire Catholic community.  A little girl is chosen to lift the black veil from Mary’s head and everyone sings Alleluia.  Mass is then joyously celebrated inside the church.  In the Northern Philippines, Filipinos spend Good Friday marking the death of Jesus Christ with reenactments of the crucifixion.  This often controversial ritual is remarkably factual and some participants actually nail themselves to crosses.

 Easter celebration at Vatican City = The Traveling Gals

Vatican City and Rome, Italy

Pasqua is the most important holiday at the Vatican.  Mass is held in St. Peter’s Square and the pope delivers his Easter blessing.  This is attended by thousands and thousands of Catholics and spectators.   Since lent is over, after Mass festivities are centered around food and drink.  Pasquetta marks the Monday after Easter which is also a holiday in Italy.   Romans head out of town or gather with family for cheerful celebrations after a solemn Holy Week preceding Easter.

 Easter celebration in Jerusalem - The Traveling Gals

Jerusalem, Israel

The holy city of Jerusalem is the actual place the death and resurrection of Jesus happened.  Thousands of Christians spend Good Friday walking with crosses on the same path Jesus took to his own crucifixion.  Mass is held in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus was buried and the resurrection took place. 

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