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HO’OKALAKUPUA of Polynesian Village for Labor Day Weekend

hoʻokalakupua = magic

Polynesian Village is the ultimate in combining the magic of Disney and the magic of Hawaii!  We were lucky enough to spend Labor Day weekend at the Polynesian Village.  In some ways, due to all the upgrades it feels like a brand new resort.  The one thing that has not changed is the magical feeling this resort evokes while staying here.

Disney's Polynesian Map

It is no secret I have a deep understanding of the “magic” of Disney.  I also experienced a similar “magic” in Hawaii.  After having traveled to so many wonderful islands and tropical paradises I never felt compelled to visit Hawaii.   About 6 years ago, the gals and I visited Hawaii on a whim and stayed on Waikiki Beach for a few days and took a week long cruise around the rest of the islands.  It was spectacular!  From the moment I got off the plane, I had the same magical feeling I get when I drive through the entrance onto Disney property.  Polynesian Village encapsulates the magic of both places and is a true holiday from real life.

Disney's Polynesian Statue

Our room was in Tokelau situated near the bungalows and quiet pool. Thank you to Disney “magic” for the text I received on the drive in with the room number and building allowing me to circumvent check-in and go straight to my room. I love magic bands!  The music, lush landscapes and torches lit throughout the resort instantly transport you into an oasis. Even though our room view is of the quiet pool construction somehow Disney still makes it beautiful.

Disney's Polynesian Sign

Labor Day weekend at the World is the most quiet we experience all year.  The crowds are lighter so you have the luxury of roaming around without a schedule and still getting into restaurants and on rides. Polynesian is peaceful and it is the perfect time to relax (sometimes diffucult to do at Disney!) and enjoy the resort.

Traveling Gals Tip:  To avoid crowds at Disney, visit during the time from Labor Day weekend to the start of the Food & Wine Festival.

Disney's Polynesian Trader Sams

Our mornings have been spent with coffee and long walks to the Grand Floridian and monorail rides to walk the grounds of the Contemporary.  Hot afternoons have been spent at the Lava Pool where it is no problem getting a lounger. Evenings have been spent on boat rides to Magic Kingdom which is already decorated for Halloween!  Of course, we couldn’t turn down a chance for cocktails at Trader Sam’s Grotto, both inside and outside.   The inside bar is reminiscent of the Adventurer’s Club (remember that?!?) and is a blast for having fun and being social. The outside has a different and extraordinary atmosphere with live Hawaiian music on the patio and a view that makes you think you are in Hawaii!  For us, each night ends with a viewing of the Electric Water Pageant from the beach which is happily unchanged after all these years.

Disney's Polynesian Village

The addition of the bungalows and updates to the resort add an even more authentic, Polynesian feel. Staying here this weekend has only strengthened my determination to travel French Polynesia and more of the South Pacific. For now though, as I sit on the Pokynesian beach the lure of the opening celebration music from Magic Kingdom has me headed to the boat for one last walk down Main Street USA!

What is your favorite resort to stay at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. My favourite resort is definitely Saratoga Springs! But I wouldn’t turn down any of the resorts on property, to be honest! I really miss Magic Bands now, haha 🙂

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