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Disney Springs Town Center

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The new area of Disney Springs called the Town Center finally opened and it is beautiful. This is the second new area to open at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney). First was The Landings which features: The Boathouse, Jock Lindsay’s Hanger Bar, STK and Morimoto Asia. Now we have the Town Center, which is the main shopping center that also has some unique dining locations.

Disney Springs Town Center

The Town Center features 23 stores and dining locations and new stores will be opening throughout the summer as well. The architecture and details in this area are amazing. It really is one of the nicest shopping centers. It is not all “Disney-ed” up, but it still has the high level of detail that Disney is known for. The buildings are styled after Spanish architecture and is bright and open. Disney also opened the second parking garage (so now there is Lime & Orange), and parking is still free! There is also valet parking (not free) if you so choose. If you are staying on property, your best bet is still to take the resort transportation because the construction makes for a lot of traffic in the area.

Disney Springs Town Center

Some of the stores even feature special Disney products (obviously)! A lot of the internet comments I’ve seen have said this looks just like any other mall and is just filled with overpriced stores. I disagree and think you should see it for yourself before you make up your mind about it. It is a gorgeous shopping center with a mix of stores. There are of course high end stores but there are also fun boutique shops like Francesca’s, Alex & Ani, and Zara which offer more middle of the road prices. I was also pleasantly surprised to see all the ‘SALE’ sections because that is a word you do not usually see at Disney!

Disney Springs Town Center

If you still don’t like the stores available, the dining locations are definitely worth checking out. The dining areas open now are The Daily Poutine (fancy French fries), D-Luxe Burger, and Sprinkles Cupcakes with the famous cupcake ATM! STK is also open in The Landings as well as B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. over in the Marketplace. There are actually so many new food areas open now or opening soon I suggest you take a look at their website!

Disney Springs Town Center

Overall this was a very impressive area to walk through and we are all excited for when everything will be opened! It is so nice to go to Disney Springs now and not have all of the construction barriers up. There is still construction going on for Planet Hollywood, Paddlefish (formerly Fulton’s), The Edison and the Coca-Cola Store. The one thing I did notice while walking around was not a lot of people carrying shopping bags. Now I was there on a Saturday morning so that could definitely be why but that is something I am going to keep my eye out for when I am there for this Memorial Day Weekend.

Are you excited to see the new Town Center at Disney Springs? Or have you checked it out already? Let us know what you think!

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Review: Disney Springs Town Center

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  1. Oh my, it looks beautiful! I moved from Orlando as they started the changes, and can’t wait to go back and see the new Disney Springs! So excited!

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