Cruising Royal Caribbean

The Traveling Gals love cruising. It is probably our favorite way to travel and we have been able to visit many different places around the world in short periods of time because of cruises. Cruising is sometimes looked down upon by some avid travelers because you are only in places for a short amount of time and usually only see the “tourist traps” and don’t really get to experience a place. While there is some truth to this, unfortunately most people aren’t able to travel to a place for weeks or months at a time. That’s why we always recommend a cruise, especially if you are going to an area of the world you have never been to before. And if you find a place that you love, you can always plan your next trip there so you can spend more time experiencing it!

We hope you enjoy our posts on our tips, tricks, favorite ships and cruise lines, and ways to make your cruise vacation more enjoyable!

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