The Vacationers By Emma Straub

The Vacationers is a novel about a family in crisis forced together on vacation in a rented house in Mallorca for 2 weeks.  Each person is at a crossroads and inadvertently work out their problems together in a witty and funny way.  Although set in gorgeous Mallorca, this book is far more than a beach read.

The Vacationers Book Review

The Post family has drama involving each generation and a couple friends to boot!  While they each have problems on their own, they also have lingering issues with each other that are masked at the beginning of the trip but trickle out the longer they are together.   The parents are embroiled in their own relationship problems.  The son is grappling with establishing himself in adulthood.  The daughter is newly graduated from high school and dealing with insecurities involved with the transition.  Close friends staying with them are having their own issues with adding to their family with kids or not.

Each character is relatable and the family dynamic is especially relatable.  Although a family may seem perfect on the outside, there are always setbacks, misunderstandings and dramas.   This family manages to get through all of them in a funny, interesting way.  The individual stories are very emotional, but the storytelling is charming and clever.

This book is hard to put down and engaging all the way to the end!

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