Getting Genki in Japan: The Adventures & Misadventures of an American Family in Tokyo

By Karen Pond | Illustrations by Akiko Saito

Every time I visit Mitsukoshi at the Japan pavilion in EPCOT, I peruse the rather large book section.  I have read many interesting books from there and Getting Genki in Japan is no exception!

Getting Genki in Japan

A good book and a glass of wine.

GENKI = Energetic, Exciting, Full of Life

Getting Genki in Japan is a very clever and delightfully illustrated book about the adventures of an American family living in Tokyo.  Tokyo is a character in the book that is both difficult to deal with and amusingly charming at the same time.   Each chapter highlights the everyday struggle of moving to a foreign country and particularly one where the language and culture are so significantly different than America.  This family was very brave to dive right in and immerse themselves in a whole, new life.  It is both impressive and humorous reading the tales of getting through mundane situations in Japan and with children nonetheless!

I relish hearing about all the new and unfamiliar foods, words, customs and occurrences in Japan.  As a traveler, I appreciate touring but savor the little things you learn about day to day life of people living in other countries.  This book is a terrific, light-hearted read that highlights those exact aspects of life in Tokyo.

Traveling Gals Tip:  Reading fuels your passions and interests.  If you are feeling uninspired, grab a book and that should change quickly!

The sign of a good book to me is when after reading it I want to immediately hop on a plane and visit the destination.  Genki  definitely bolstered my determination to spend time in Japan.  I am ready to pack my bags and set out to the Land of the Rising Sun!

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