14 Romantic Destinations to Visit

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means lots of pictures of flowers on Facebook. Even if you don’t have a significant other, these destinations are still great to visit with friends, family, or even for a relaxing solo trip!

We personally would love if someone handed us a plane ticket (and their credit card) to one of these romantic destinations:


14 Romantic Destinations: Paris - The Traveling Gals

Disney World. (No it’s not just for kids!)

14 Romantic Destinations: Disney World - The Traveling Gals


14 Romantic Destinations: Iceland - The Traveling Gals


14 Romantic Destinations: Maui - The Traveling Gals


14 Romantic Destinations: Tahiti - The Traveling Gals


14 Romantic Destinations: Venice - The Traveling Gals

Catalina Island.

14 Romantic Destinations: Catalina Island - The Traveling Gals


14 Romantic Destinations: Santorini - The Traveling Gals

The Maldives.

14 Romantic Destinations: Maldives - The Traveling Gals


14 Romantic Destinations: Sonoma - The Traveling Gals

Florida Keys.

14 Romantic Destinations: Florida Keys - The Traveling Gals


14 Romantic Destinations: Sedona - The Traveling Gals


14 Romantic Destinations: Edinburgh - The Traveling Gals

Swiss Alps.

14 Romantic Destinations: Swiss Alps - The Traveling Gals

Bonus: Go on a cruise! With ships ranging from budget to ultra luxurious, you can’t go wrong. What’s more romantic than enjoying the sunset at sea?

14 Romantic Destinations: Cruise - The Traveling Gals

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have you visited any of these destinations? What would you add to the list?

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