Rainy Day Vacation Ideas

Rainy Day Vacation Ideas

It’s very disappointing when you go on the vacation you planned and saved for and it rains the whole time. We have experienced this before and it’s super frustrating. Most recently it rained the entire time Ashley was in Georgia for New Year’s weekend. Not a great way to start 2017. You might feel like you are stuck in the hotel room all day, but it doesn’t have to be like that! While the rain might alter your plans, you can still have a great time and explore the city you are visiting. Grab your ponchos and have fun.

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50 Ways To Save For Travel

50 Ways to Save for Travel

One of the biggest obstacles to traveling is money. When planning a trip, the costs can start to add up and it can be discouraging. We are no strangers to this and have done a lot of things to save up some extra cash for our trips. We also are on the lookout for things we can do for free so we don’t have to spend a lot or any money either at home or while on our trip. Every little bit helps! It helps to have a game plan when starting to save for travel. Here are 50 tips that we compiled that can help you get started saving up for your next trip.

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Date Night at Disney World

Date Night at Disney World

Date Night at Disney World

While Disney World is mostly known as a family destination, there are actually some wonderful date night locations throughout. These are great ideas if you live in the area, or if you are on vacation and want to do have a nice night out together. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, or you can spend a ton of money. Disney World has a variety of restaurant and entertainment options that will make your date night at Disney magical. Even just taking a stroll and enjoying one of the fireworks shows can make for a wonderful night out. Check out some of these favorite date night ideas.

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That Time We Left Work And Flew To Chicago To See The Cubs Parade

Ashley here.

So the Cubs finally did it. They won the World Series after 108 years. Our family lived on the North Side of Chicago for many years, and Harold has been a diehard Chicago Cubs fan for pretty much his whole life. We grew up rooting for the Cubbies, no matter how much they sucked. We loved going to Wrigley Field and hanging out in Wrigleyville. It is just such an exciting area to be. So as you can imagine, this was an extremely exciting year for Cubs fans like us. Especially for Cubs fans like Harold who have been waiting a very long time for this moment.

The Art Institue of Chicago

When the day of the parade was announced, my boyfriend and I very spontaneously decided to buy plane tickets on Thursday morning for a Thursday afternoon flight to O’Hare. We basically raced to the airport and figured we would buy clothes and amenities when we got there. Friday was the parade and rally. There were 5 MILLION people in Chicago for the parade and rally. It is estimated that it was the seventh largest gathering in human history! How crazy!

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#HHN26: Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Recap at Universal Orlando

Halloween Horror Nights 2016 – Universal Orlando

Ashley here. I went to HHN for the third year in a row this year. I wasn’t entirely sure if I’d be able to make it there this year, but I am so glad I did! Halloween Horror Nights 2016 finally brought to life the American Horror Story series. This has been the most requested haunted house since the show started, and it did not disappoint. It brought us through the Murder House, Freak Show, and Hotel. All of the favorite characters made appearances and they recreated scenes from different episodes. It was great. I just wanted to give a quick recap and share some pictures we took. There are still a few more weekends left to attend if you still want to!

Halloween Horror Nights 2016

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Bahamas Cruise Aboard the Majesty of the Seas

Bahamas Cruise Aboard the Majesty of the Seas Port Canaveral, FL – CocoCay, Bahamas – Nassau, Bahamas – Sea Day We just got back from a great cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas! This was just a 4 night cruise that stopped in CocoCay and Nassau. It was a lot of fun and we… Read More

Vegan – Plant Based at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

Vegan – Plant Based (or close to it!) at Disney’s EPCOT Food and Wine Festival It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Oh wait, wrong season. But it is Food & Wine Festival time which is one of the best times to be at Disney World. The 2016 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival has begun. … Read More

Exploring Vietnam & Cambodia: Mekong River Cruise

River Cruising Along the Mekong in Vietnam & Cambodia A few years ago, we went on land/river cruise trip through Vietnam and Cambodia. We had  an amazing time seeing these two countries. There is so much history and culture. Some of the history is hard to take in, especially visiting sites like The Killing Fields and the “Hotel… Read More

Trip to Italy 2017 – The Neopolitan Experience

Trip to Italy 2017- The Neopolitan Experience You may remember a previous post where we introduced you to our longtime family friend Carol D’Anca and her website Food Not Meds and books she has written on living a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. Carol also takes people on trips to Italy and she has a trip coming… Read More

Best Places to Grab a Drink at Disney World

Best Places to Grab a Drink at Disney World Whoever says Disney World is just for kids needs to read this post. There are actually some very fun bars and restaurants throughout all of Disney World. These are a few of our favorite places to go. House of Blues: As far as we know this… Read More